The OHRC Staff is here to serve as a resource for educators and the community throughout the state of Oregon and SW Washington. We hold workshops throughout the year at low to no-costs to educators. We can do so through the generous support of our community and the Sime Kaminsky Meshul Fund in honor of Holocaust survivor Sime Kaminsky Meshul, and the memory of her family who perished at Auschwitz-Birkenau: mother, Bobel;  father, Kopel;  brothers:  Shloime, Meishe, Yudel;  and sister, Roseh.

We also have a library of Holocaust related books available for use in our research library. We hope to have the contents available online shortly and a checkout system in place to allow patrons to remove the books from the Resource Center. We do have the following available for check out:

Curriculum Guides

The Center has a number of curriculum guides available for check out by teachers.

The Last Survivor Curriculum Guide and Film
Echoes and Reflections
Oregon Holocaust Memorial Guide

 Teaching Trunks

Oregon Holocaust Resource Center Teaching Trunks

The center has a number of teaching trunks available for educational use.

The Center owns a limited number of films available for check out in addition to our extensive oral history collection. For a complete list, click here.

Book Lists
The Center is extremely proud of our local survivors and their families who have taken the time to write down their stories. A complete list of survivor stories can be found here. If you are an educator looking to use these books in your classroom, please contact us, as we may be able to give you a bulk discount.

Model Lesson Plans

The Center is happy to work with educators in crafting their lessons. Below are a few sample lessons that we have found to be particularly effective in the classroom.

Berlin Memorial Exercise Lesson Plan

Party Platforms Lesson Plan

Useful links

The following links might provide useful information in learning more about the Holocaust and issues surrounding Genocide.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum A wonderful source for research and education materials on the Holocaust. The site includes an extensive photo archive, museum programs, libraries, and expert research assistance. Make sure to check out the pages for educators and especially upcoming training opportunities.

Ghetto Fighter’s House Museum of the Holocaust and Resistance Information on the Holocaust and the Resistance. Also, the Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot (The Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz) in Israel. Exhibits, education center, and searchable database.

The Last Expression: Art and Auschwitz-This website looks atart in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, focusing on the notorious site of Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is a companion to a 2002 exhibit hosted by Northwestern University.

Yad Vashem This site focuses on four primary areas in providing an ongoing memorial to the Holocaust: documentation, research, education, and commemoration. Of particular interest are the database of victims’ names and the material on righteous gentiles of the Holocaust.


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  • Byron & Pat Zarp says:

    We have a report by Colonel William Quinn of the 7th U S Army. This 68 page report contains accounts of the internees at Dachau when it was liberated April 29th, 1945. It has a black glossy cover with the white SS overlaid with a red banner that says DACHAU. It has many photographs of the mass graves, survivors, and descriptions of daily routines by the internees.
    We have checked with Washington DC & Los Angeles Holocaust Museums; they both have copies. Do you already have this? We are looking to donate to a Holocaust Museum that needs this valuable resource document. call (360) 493-1451

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