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Donate to the OHRC General Operating Fund. Click HERE. This donation funds our education efforts, including the Speakers’ Bureau, Video Archives, Educational Programs and Events throughout the year sponsored by the OHRC.

Donate to the Oregon Holocaust Memorial Endowment Fund. Click HERE. These funds go towards the endowment for  the maintenance and upkeep of the Memorial in Washington Park. The Oregon Holocaust Memorial Endowment Fund is managed by our partner, the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation.

Here are some easy ways to make your gift count even more:

Check and see if your employer will match your donation. This often times doubles your gift! We are happy to assist you with any paperwork needed, just contact us at the office.

You may also want to consider an Annuity. The good folks at the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation are happy to help you.

Donate to our annual auction. Please contact the office for details.

Join us as a Volunteer. Please contact the office to find out when our next training will take place.



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