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Survivor Allegra lighting a candle this Yom HaShoah

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The OHRC  participates in annual commemorations of Kristallnacht and Yom Ha’Shoah. These two important events generate community involvement within Holocaust education and remembrance. These events are also designed to address the threats to civil rights, human rights, and human dignity posed by ignorance, hatred and prejudice. The Center sponsors commemorative activities over several days and at a variety of venues to bring these important messages to all of today’s generations.

Every year, hundreds of Jewish communities around the world perpetuate the memory of the victims of the the Holocaust through the program Unto Every Person There is a Name, a public recitation of Holocaust victims’ names, ages and birthplaces on Yom HaShoah – the Day of Remembrance.  The Oregon Area Jewish Committee and the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center sponsor this special Yom HaShoah program each year at Pioneer Courthouse Square in  downtown  Portland. People from all walks of life read from a list of names provided by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Research Center. The program’s opening ceremony typically includes poetry, prayers, and candle lighting. Just over 6,000 names will be read during the course of the day.  By personalizing the individual tragedy of the dead and of the survivors, this project seeks to defy dangerous trends of indifference and historical revisionism which deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Moreover, by keeping the memory of the victims alive, we fulfill one of the essential tenets of our collective experience – Zachor….To remember. The OHRC also works with the Oregon Board of Rabbis each year to create a community wide service of commemoration. This event is open tot he public and held at a different venue each year. The event is designed with imput of our survivors and serves as a healing time for the entire community.

At Pioneer Square for the reading of the names.

Each year, the Center also organizes the Sala Kryszek Art and Writing Competition.  This competition is in memory of the late Sala Kryszek, a Holocaust survivor. Funded primarily by a grant from the Jakob Kryszek family, the top entry in both writing and art is awarded the Sala Kryszek Award, a trip to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C

Survior Jake with grand prize winners for 2011

The Center also supports the work of the Holocaust Survivor Services department at  Jewish Family & Child Services which provides monthly meetings for survivors and bi-yearly events for survivors and their families.

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