The Politics of Testimony: Aftereffects of Genocide and Other Mass Atrocities- Lecture

The Politics of Testimony: Aftereffects of Genocide and Other Mass Atrocities

Lecture with Dr. John Roth. Thursday, October 4, 7:00pm
Smith Memorial Student Union, room 338 | 1825 SW Broadway

This event is free and open to the public. It is part of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Project Series at the Portland Center for Public Humanities of which the OHRC is a co-sponsor of.

Without testimony spoken and written by and about persons whose lives have been destroyed by genocide and other mass atrocities, awareness would be dimmed, understanding diminished, memory dulled, forgetting facilitated, and accountability betrayed.  Jarring, disruptive, and destabilizing, the presence of such testimony raises ethical and political questions such as, what effect(s) should this testimony have?  What responsibilities, if any, does it confer upon me? Focusing especially but not only on Holocaust-related testimony, this lecture explores important aftereffects of genocide and other mass atrocities by considering the politics of testimony–the fraught but pivotal roles of testimony in Holocaust and genocide studies, in courts that try defendants accused of genocide and crimes against humanity, in post-conflict resentment, and in the prospects for ethics in a world where the slogan “Never again!” seems increasingly problematic, if not banal.

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